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Last Plea For Forgiveness

This project has nothing to do with engineering yet it has everything to do with engineering.

The way we think, act, and how we choose to learn from our experiences.


Are you ready for the second coming?

How detrimental is it for one to abandon God in his/her time of need?

When you are psychologically too far gone, all you see is darkness.

How far into the dark can your mind take you?



It is difficult to fight tragedies in life when one is not spiritually strong. Alone, our mind can take us to many places, yet it will always lead us astray and away from the truth.

At our most vulnerable state of mind, we’re psychologically in a place where our minds can no longer see the truth.

We start to see illusions and we begin failing at between what is reality and what is not.

We believe we’re doing what needs to be done, yet, in actuality we’re destroying ourselves, our bodies and our minds. We are simply leaving our spiritual strength to weaken.

We’re here for a short period of time. Let us not wait till our last moments to build a relationship with God.

No one knows the day or hour when the Lord shall return, yet when the Lord does, it will be too late.

Are you ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ?


In the video (The house represented the body/the temple)

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Are you ready?

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